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0000103EvoTechGeneralpublic2022-09-08 12:38
ReportertciccionAssigned Toyosic 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformMediaNav EvolutionOSOS Version9.1.4.0.A
Product Version9.1.4.0.A 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000103: Unable to list MP3 files in Andorid phone connected via bluetooth
DescriptionGood morning, when I connect my Android phone via bluetooth and use Multimedia, I cannot list the mp3 files in my phone Memory. Is there something I must do in the settings? It was working before with the 9.1.3 version. Thanks
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2021-11-10 09:44

updater   ~0000085

Попробуйте на другой версии android. Возможно проблема с настройками в новых версиях.


2021-11-13 07:16

reporter   ~0000086

I tried with other phones and different versions, the result is the same... can I run another music player program on the Mediana and see if it works better? what program can i install? thanks


2021-11-13 07:21

updater   ~0000087

установите штатную прошивку и проверьте.

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